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The Commercial Pilot Certificate is the goal of the career pilot and the third step in a career pilot program. To earn an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate a pilot must be knowledgeable, proficient and experienced in 11 important pilot operations which are required by Federal Air Regulations. Knowledge is gained through ground school and demonstrated on both an FAA Written Exam and an oral examination at the completion of training; proficiency is acquired through the use of a guided step by step flight training syllabus; and experience is gained in flight with an instructor and solo. 

The training course is divided into three stages of training with the following objectives: Stage I – Cross-country, Stage II – Commercial Maneuvers Complex Airplane Operations, and Stage III - Commercial Pilot Certification by an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. This course can be done concurrently with the Instrument Rating Course.  


The following Commercial Pilot Certification Course is based on FAR 141 minimums with a Private and Instrument Airplane Rating. The actual completion time is an average price based on 3 to 4 flight lessons per week with average flying aptitude and motivation. 

Enrollment Prerequisites


  • At least 18 years of age 

  • FAA 3rd class medical certificate (2nd class recommended)

  • Private Pilot Certificate

  • Instrument Rating

Minimum Course Requirements per FAR 141:                            PA38                   PA28


  • 45.0 Hrs PA38 flight instruction @ $195/hr                    $8,775                $10,530

  • 10.0 Hrs PA28R complex instruction @ $310/hr              3,100                    3,100

  • 65.0 Hrs PA38 PIC/solo/cross-country @ $125               8,125                  10,660

  • 35.0 Hrs ground instruction                                                   2,450                    2,450

  • 22.0 Hrs Pre/Post Briefing                                                      1,540                     1,540

  • Texts and Materials                                                                        140                        140 

Minimum Course Price (120.0 hours)                                      $24,680              $28,970


Note - The FAA Written ($175) and Pilot Examiner fees ($700) are not included in the course price. Airplane rental for the FAA Flight Test is also not included and is approximately 1.5 hrs in the PA38 @ $125/hr or $246 in thePA28.

Average Course Completion Time  

4 to 5 months    

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