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Pilots in Aircraft


The Flight Instructor Certificate is the goal of the Commercial Pilot who wishes to teach flying and is the fourth step in a career pilot program. To earn an FAA Flight Instructor Certificate a pilot must be knowledgeable, proficient and experienced in 14 important pilot operations which are required by Federal Air Regulation. Knowledge is gained through ground school and demonstrated on both FAA Written Exams and an oral examination at the completion of training; proficiency is acquired through the use of a guided step by step instructor training syllabus; and experience is gained through practice teaching on the ground and in flight.


The Flight Instructor Certification Course is divided into two stages of training with the following objectives: Stage I – Instructor flying proficiency from the right seat, Stage II – Instructor teaching proficiency from the right seat and Instructor Certification by an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.


The following Flight Instructor Certification Course is based on FAR 61 proficiency minimums for Certification. The actual completion time and price may vary depending on flying frequency and individual instructional aptitude and motivation. 

Enrollment Prerequisites

  • Valid medical certificate.

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate – Airplane Single Engine land and Instrument Airplane


Estimated Course Hours 


  • 15.0 Hrs PA38 flight Instruction

  • 20.0 Hrs ground instruction

  • 10.0 Hrs pre/post instruction              

Course Price                          

$ 5,100


Note - The course price does not include course texts and materials, or the FAA Written Tests ($350) and Pilot Examiner fee ($1000). Airplane rental for the FAA Flight Test is also not included and is approximately $188.


Course Completion Time

2 months    

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