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The addition of a Multiengine Land Rating is a goal of both private and commercial pilots and the fourth step in a career pilot program. To add a FAA Multiengine Rating to a pilot certificate the pilot must be knowledgeable, proficient and experienced in 7 pilot operations which are required by Federal Air Regulations. Knowledge is gained through ground training and demonstrated in the oral examination at the completion of training; proficiency is acquired in a Piper Seneca II and through the use of a flight training syllabus. There are no specific experience requirements for the addition of a Multiengine Land Rating.​


The training course is divided into two stages of training with the following objectives: Stage I – VFR multiengine procedures and maneuvers, Stage II – IFR multiengine procedures and maneuvers, and Pilot Certification by an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.


The following Multiengine Rating Course is based on average ability and instrument currency.

Enrollment Prerequisites


  • A Private or Commercial ASEL Pilot Certificate

  • FAA 3rd class medical certificate

Average Course Requirements per FAR 61 


  • 8.5 Hrs PA34-200T VFR/IFR multiengine instruction @ $430/hour

  • 5.0 Hrs ground instruction

Course Price (8.5 hours)

$ 4,005

Note - The course price includes course texts and materials ($70). The FAA Pilot Examiner fee ($700) is not included in the course price. Airplane rental for the FAA Flight Test is also not included and is approximately 1.5 Hrs PA34 @ $360/hr.

Average Course Completion Time

1 to 2 weeks  

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