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Committed to Completing  Students On Time and On Budget


Owner and Chief Flight Instructor


All JB Aeronautics flight and ground instructors are personally selected by Jim Brannan for their experience and expertise in flying and teaching and are standardized to the training methods and techniques developed by Jim Brannan from over 48 years of flight training and 39 years of pilot testing as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.


While JB Aeronautics is a new school in terms of business operation, it is an old school in terms of flight training experience. As the owner/operator, I have been actively teaching flying for 48 years and have owned and operated a large FAA Approved flight school for 40 of those years. After selling the business a couple of years ago, and missing the fun and excitement of working with student pilots, I decided to get back into pilot training and open a new school. 

I know what it takes to train good pilots—especially professional pilots and flight instructors. So I am back doing what I love most, the very thing that got me into aviation in the first place—meeting people with a passion for aviation and teaching them how to fly and fly correctly. And as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner since 1978, I feel I am eminently qualified to make good on that promise.

The difference now is I am devoted to making flight training fun and getting students done on time and on budget. And to do that, I am committed to keeping the school small, where each student is important and has the opportunity to train under my direct supervision. Of course flying by its very nature is fun, but poor flight instruction can suck the joy right out of it. So each instructor on my staff is chosen not only for their flying expertise and instructional ability but also for their personality and people skills as well. At JB Aeronautics you are not just another student, you are my student and with that comes my personal guarantee. Give me your best and I will make you the best pilot possible at the best price.

So if you would like to experience the excitement of learning to fly in a fun and friendly flight school, then JB Aeronautics may be just the school you’ve been looking for. 

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